Eight Bridges of Central Park

  • When asked to choose a topic about NYC as the theme of my book design project, no strong idea came out in my mind. Even if I have been New York for more than half year, I still feel I don’t know pretty much about the city. Then I recall myself how I came here, why I choose NYC as my first choice to further my study. I realized even before I came to New York, I was fascinated by central park. I was interested in such an elegant and romantic park located in the most flourishing place in Manhattan, become the "heart and lungs" of the city. I was attracted by each photo about the park found from Google, imagined to lay on the grass in Sheep Meadow, to stroll along the pathway, looking for the Alice in wonderland sculpture. 

    After I came to New York, Central Park undoubtedly become one of my favorite place in the city. It’s a good place for me to keep my stress down and take a rest. I saw the gothic bridge with my own eyes. And after I learn about that there are more than 30 bridges and arches hidden in the whole park, I began to notice and photo them by taking my Canon 40D camera with me. Meanwhile, bridges, as a structure built to span physical obstacles, connect two different places. It makes me empathize my homesick feeling onto these bridges. I hope my parents and my grandmother can see these beautiful bridges and the whole gorgeous city park through my eyes. Based on these, I got the idea to choose introducing bridges of central park as the theme of my book design project. 
  • Different icons was created to present each bridge, based on observation of the detail of each bridge's structure and decoration.