Motorola Solutions HC1

  • The HC1 is a unique wearable device: a fully rugged mobile computer for the work environment.  Through an adjustable optical micro-display, it provides a view equivalent to a 15-inch laptop screen.
    The HC1 allows users access to critical documents, videos and photos, with information displayed just below their line of sight. It is purpose made for workers who need big-screen device capability to view highly complex graphical data or schematics in work environments where carrying a laptop or tablet is not feasible, safe or convenient.
  • Rugged environments mean observing essential PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) guidelines.  The HC1 needed to accomodate hardharts, protective glasses, prescription glasses and hearing protection.  Exposed cabling was also a no-go since that would pose a choking hazard.
  • A crucial factor in the acceptance and success of the HC1 are the ergonomics, its fit and adjustability. The device had to provide the same level of comfort to a wide variety of users - 5th percentile female to 95th  percentile male - and allow for left/right eye preference support. Additionally, all users needed to be able to operate the HC1 on their head with safety equipment, through a diverse set of tasks and conditions for hours at a time.
  • The difference in headsize from a 95% Male to 5% Female is quite substantial and was a significant task to accommodate the huge variability in sizes and shapes!
    The HC1 incorporates a number of specific comfort features including carefully chosen tension springs and hinged temple padding to ensure that each and every user experienced long-term comfort.
  • The world's population is split in eye-dominance; 60% right-eye, 40% left-eye and catering to this difference initially proved very difficult to solve.  Some avenues explored involved complex mechanisms and tricky inteterfaces for the user.  The solution was beautifully elegant in the end; a split between the HARDgoods and the SOFTgoods.
    The Hardgoods represents the major working elements of the HC1; the optics, the PCBs, the battery etc.  The Softgoods represents the ergonomics; the adaptable hinge mechanism, the padding, the headstrap.  The softgoods can be 'owned' by the user (no user has to share sweaty or well worn padding) and can easily be replaced over time.
    All this and the hardgoods/softgoods interconnect allowed for simple rotate to create a left/right eye solution!
  • We like to torture our virtual model; this time the poor guy got soaked with virtual wet rain.  All in the name of science of course, since the HC1 is IP65 rated.  This means that it is dust tight, and resistant to water jets from all angles.
  • All the key components are shock-protected and contained within an IP65 sealed housing to survive demanding industrial environments.  Here, the following renders show the seals and shockmounts in RED.
  • This is no fragile consumer-grade product, it's a work tool.
    The HC1 was built to withstand quite a beating in the field and has a drop spec of 4ft./1.2m to concrete across operating temperature per MIL-STD-8104ft and was given the tumble rating of 500 tumble (1000 hits) @ 1.64 ft./0.5m.