Micro-machined Man in a Cage Pendant

  • The ‘Man in a Cage’ pendant is our signature statement piece, mirco-machined from a solid block of 925 sterling silver and completed with an impeccable high polish finish and intricacy. 
  • The Man in a Cage is typical of any intricate piece of jewellery in that the process of its creation involved a number of trials and tribulations. The desired precision and underlying quality meant that many imperfect prototypes did not make the final grade.  However, this is where the typical process ends for Man in a Cage, as its design was a complex blend of digital precision, blending with a modern manufacturing process and more than a little old fashioned workmanship.
  • Ultimately the numerous imperfect prototypes left us wanting a process that would achieve our desired level of intricacy and finish and our quest led us to micro-machining from a solid block of silver.  This process enabled us to focus on the details of the pendant without having to make compromises inherent with traditional casting methods.
  • One part of the finished Man in a Cage, which best highlights the minute detail required are the fingers of the figure himself. The digital design process had taken time to move the 21 joints in the hand to the required position to make it as realistic as possible, particularly as seen above, where the hand is gripping part of the cage.
  • This gives you an idea of the scale of this piece, clear showing the detail in the ribs. The mirco-machining process is so precise that with a magnifying glass you can see right down to his finger nails.