Visual Communication 1- ONE NEED

  • Background/problem to be solved
    A three-day problem-solving, strategic conference on world poverty, analyzing the measurement and mismeasurement of poverty, looking at basic needs of humans to determine the necessities one needs to survive. Simulating actionable change towards making an impact in the global poverty and inequalities.

    Emphasizing on bringing awareness towards the contemporary list of basic needs which is: food, water, shelter, clothing, education, sanitation and health care. Then breaking down and contrasting poverty into two levels; absolute and relative poverty.

    Many people living in extreme poverty were born into an environment where systematic barriers have prevented them from making decisions and taking actions to improve their lives. After generations of living in extreme poverty, they now self-identify as “the poor” and believe that they are powerless to change their current situation. They lack the opportunity and innovative tools to start new ventures to better their life, buy enough food and nourish themselves. As a result of constant malnourishment, they become weaker and often sick which limits their ability provide for their families, thus driving people into extreme and severe conditions.
  • Key objective
    Become informed about poverty imbalance on a global scale, making them want to investigate more on the subject either through digital media or going to the conference.
    Key benefit
    The audience should become aware of extreme global poverty issues and hopefully become willing to take meaningful action in creating opportunities for the impoverished.
    Support statements/reasons why
    To generate greater awareness and to go beyond just throwing money at the problem but innovating ways of change. Will break down the silos of unproductive competition and go beyond the boundaries of conventional poverty alleviation. Also will generate innovative ideas to build proactive coalitions and create force multipliers to influence impactful change.
  • Letterhead and Branding elements
  • Website layout and design
  • Presentation layout for survey 
  • DAY 1 poster for ONE NEED -Three days poster series
  • DAY 2 poster for ONE NEED -Three days poster series
  • DAY 3 poster for ONE NEED -Three days poster series