David Monn,LLC | Designing Modern Fitness

  • This was one of the most fun project I did with the company owner, Mr. David Monn himself during my internship with David Monn, LLCThe company tagline is Defining Modern Living, so for the company work-out shirt, he decided to call it Defining Modern Fitness
  • Mr. David himself did a sketch for me, and I developed his idea to the sample above.  He wanted to emphasize on the "D" "M" & "F" and having the word combine together with the alphabets.
  • This was the final approved design. From here, the entire office staff contributed the idea of having variety of colours. The brown is the official colour of the company.
  • Did a sample of logo implementation for the work-out shirts.
  • The final look of the work-out shirt, tank-top and V-Neck shirt.
  • The work-out cap.