• This was a volunteering project I did for Arttable, Inc. The office had to relocate to a bigger space, however the space needed some renovation. Before the renovation start, I went to the new space and get the required measurement for me to do my sketches. After I finished the 1st sketch, I discussed with the director of Arttable and we did some adjustment on the drawing before I proceed with the 3D design and submit to the architect to start the renovation progress.

    ArtTable is the leading national non-profit organization dedicated to advancing professional women’s leadership in the visual arts. More info, visit their website here.
  • The room on the left (in the picture) used to have the same wall as the room on the right, the contractor demolished both the wall to open up the space, however, the wall for the room on the right was pushed in about three feet in. The director required a private office and close door for herself so she can have space for future private meeting.