EVERGREEN (Family Emblem) | Private Client

  • EVERGREEN was a project commisioned by private client in New York. They purchased a historical mansion and decided to call it Evergreen (the mansion initial name). The concept is simple: The client wanted the jaguar green and relate it with pine tree (as the mansion is surrounded by it) and also the concept of pine cone. Above are┬ásome of the examples presented to the client.
  • This is the final emblem design approved by the client to be use on the mansion house flag and etc. The roman numeral is the founding date of the mansion which is 1924.
  • Rendered sample of how the look like when its applied to the flag and the wood carving.
  • The mansion's flag is hand-sewn due to its size.
  • The flag on the 60' tall flag pole at the mansion's house square (picture sent by the client)