Maerl Cosmetics

  • Maerl Cosmetics
    Branding and Package Design
    Maerl Cosmetics is a fictional brand of makeup and skincare products. The name "Maerl" is derived from maerl, a collective name for Coralline red algae which grows in western Scotland. Upon doing further research, I read that maerl can be used as an exfoliate for skin (in addition to a variety of other things including a soil conditioner). More can be read about maerl here.
    The Maerl logo is hand-drawn and then digitally rendered and applied to various components which include a facial moisturizer, a facial scrub, a body lotion, bath salt, body wash, bronzer, eye shadow palette, lip balm, set of facial creams, shopping bags, business cards, and webpages.
    The overall goal of Maerl is to be an all-natural cosmetic brand that uses only products from under the sea, (maerl being a consistent ingredient) so as to promote healthy and natural beauty.