Five Stages of My Life

  • Stage1: I was born in winter in a cozy home. I loved pillows, birds, and dolls. When I was small, everything, especially, my mother's hands looked really big. 
  • Stage2: I became sick when I was a high school student. I had painful illness but there was no perfect cure to my disease. The doctor said I should give up art, so I did. Every day, I felt like a robot because my blood did not circulate well, and the pain became extreme on rainy days. 
  • Stage3: After four and a half painful years, I was miraculously healed by my God in the name of Jesus Christ.  
  • Stage4: After God gave me one more chance to do art, I did my best and He gave me the chance to study in the U.S. Not just study, but He helped me transfer to Pratt Institute and gave me Financial Aid. This is what I see at the balcony in my dorm room. I like night sky.
  • Stage5: I imagined my future. Christmas is my favorite day, so I imagined marrying on Christmas Eve. Also, I always dreamed of telling my story in front of many people. The old woman in the illustration is myself and I have collected precious letters and presents I have recieved from my friends since I was ten years old. That is what I am doing in the piece and thanks for viewing my life story.