Doctopus - Childrens First Aid Kit

  • Doctopus
    Designed as a kids' First Aid Kit for very small children.
    My First Aid Kit
    Doctopus gives parents the opportunity for parents to teach small children about first aid in a fun way while treating them for minor cuts and burns.
  • The back of the packaging produces scientific facts about the octopus along with general instructions.
    The back explains that this first aid kit is environmentally friendly. Once the kit supplies have been used up, product dispensers can be removed. This allows Doctopus to turn into a very special stuffed animal and toy. Environmentally frendly!
  • Each supply and tenticle is stored inside the octopus head when not in use.
  • The Doctopus stethescope acts as a children-friendly guide for kids to use simple first aid tools on their own without adult supervision.
  • Like an old-fashioned doctor's lamp, the headband "illuminates" and teaches key information for children to treat minor cuts and bruises on their own.
  • The Doctopus holds in it's tentacles all the supplies needed for the kit. Small. medium, and large bandages and Band-Aids are stored in removable pods.
  • Removable tubes of both antibacterial ointment and burn cream are also attached to the Doctopus limbs.
  • An assortment of Johnson & Johnson/Band-Aid special brand bandages are provided in the kit.