Abu Dhabi Airport Taxi

    The Identity
    One of the first things that a traveller sees when a plane is preparing to touch down is the airport control tower. in any airport in the world, the control tower stands tall and proud to remind travellers that they are in good hands while up in the air and upon landing.
    The façade and shape of the airport control tower becomes the source of inspiration for the identity.
    We took the shape of the front part of the tower and apply its silhouette to the letter “a” in “airport” to create a unique brand element. Understated colours helped convey a minimalist, elegant, and sophisticated look and feel.
    The Graphic Device
    The visual device needs to be dynamic to attract and create a connection with the target audience. Keeping the tasteful style in mind, we dramatized an airplane’s flight path through simple lines and graphics.


    Airport Control Tower & The flight path
  • Courtesy: Terrellgroup