• feelology
  • This project started as an exploration of tactility in relation to the digital world. We spend so much time touching the flat surfaces of our phones, keyboards, and mobile devices that we are beginning to ignore the world around us. These textured products are meant to draw us away from our magic screens and to engage in the physical world.
  • The quilt, made using a traditional trapunto technique, has stuffed areas that create texture.
  • The wool felt carpet uses variation in scale in density. A uniform texture is the tactile equivalent of white noise: You can feel it, but the sensation is constant that after a while you no longer notice it.
  • The hoodie  is based on the observation that people reach into their pockets and jingle their change or their keys when they are nervous or bored. It has a textured pocket as well as an external texture.
  • The book about the project was the last component of the feelology family. It includes a narration of the process of discovery that led to the final products as well as its own tactile elements. Two books were made, one with a rubber textured cover and one with a deeply embossed leather cover. I included a page in the book about the book just to be all meta.