The Copper Cow Taproom & Brewery

  • gastropub: noun \ˈga-strō-ˌpəb\
    a pub that specializes in serving high-quality food and spirits
    Origin: 1990's
    blend of gastronomy and pub
    The Copper Cow Taproom & Brewery is a brand created for a gastropub located in Boston, Massachusetts. The Copper Cow specializes in high quality food and spirits and even has it's own brewery. It won't be your average pub cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato; instead they will offer high end ingredients in all their dishes. All the food will be made in-house from sauces to blending and grinding their own beef.
    The Copper Cow will be a pour-your-own pub where a patron can walk up to a variety of taps and pour their own beer of choice without a bartender. This bar will not offer a full bar, but will have a variety of wines and whiskeys for the patrons. The Copper Cow brews three of its own craft beers to sell to all the beer lovers; a dark, brown, and blonde ale. These craft beers are also available for wholesale. 
    Everything in The Copper Cow is about the fresh hand-made and vintage feel.