• The objective of this sculpture was to use found objects to create a sculpture that narrates a personal story, which at the same time fits onto a part of the human body. Inspired by the chaotic delicate paper installations of NYC-based Sarah Sze and the organic rattan sculptures of Cambodian artist Soheap Pich, this sculpture deals with language and childhood. In this sculpture, I have used toy dinosaurs, rattan (unweaved from baskets), string, newspaper, parts of a ballet bar and hair, these elements serve to support the two themes behind the work—The enveloping newspaper ladders, both in English and Chinese, tell of my multicultural and bilingual background. The hair reveals one’s identity, and is part of one’s human body and femininity. The toy dinosaurs, remind one of the younger days as a child, when life was presumably all about fun and games. The sculpture itself envelops around the arm and back, like a turtle shell, but is painful and hard to get into and out. This itself tells of lost childhood that is inescapable and cannot be forgotten.