• Rise of Freedom

    Title for a year-long segment highlighting the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site and the recovery process—emotional, societal, economic—of the neighborhood, the city & beyond.

    I had time concerns getting the twin towers, memorial & new towers all in (and transitioning day-night-day) without conveying an inappropriately rushed progression. Thankfully, the producers were more than willing to run a longer than typical segment animation for this coverage.

    The endframe was styled as a pseudo-architectural rendering, with the green shade patterned after thick mylar drafting film and the lines after a non-photo blue or indigo prismacolor pencil.

    This is all Maya software renders with limited raytrace for reflections, some faked GI for the whitened city layer and extended toon edges for the line work.

    The old & new WTC were modeled/textured by Rich Amsinger and then the latter was cleaned up and fitted with internal structures by myself. The city is a combo of two (or more?) NYC models from our library.