Bigelow Tea

    Limited Edition
    Rebranding & Packaging Design, Student Project
  • Bigelow Tea Company, founded in 1945 by Ruth Cambell Bigelow, is dedicated to being a premier packer of truly fine quality teas. The assignment of the project is to reinvent the Bigelow brand through an innovative product delivery system, introduced in a gift set package and revolutionary identity system, in order to remain relevant in today’s dynamic tea market. All concepts utilize Bigelow’s top 3 black tea flavors in a regular & decaffeinated variant gift set.
    The new brand identity of Bigelow is a condensed modern san-serif logotype and a symbolic calligraphic B to uplift the brand image. The new product delivery system is a set of two wooden boxes (one for regular and the other for decaffeinated) containing test tubes of soluble tea balls. The tea ball is wrapped by tangerine, royal purple and lemon paper that represents the three flavors: Costant Comment, Darjeeling and Lemon Lift. The label is incorporated with gold foil hot stamped and embossed graphic elements. An extra test tube is provided for shaking and mixing.