My Stupid Brother "She's A Freak" Music Video. ©2012

  • My Stupid Brother "She's A Freak" Music Video. ©2013 Henry and George Chadwick. "She's A Freak" is the 1st single off of My Stupid Brother's upcoming 3rd album, Welcome To My Head, which is coming in 2013. "She's a Freak" is available on iTunes and

    Directed by Nathan Kit Kennedy - Cinematography: Conner Quinto - Assistant Director: Jessica Fuh - Props and makeup: Garret Landon, Antonio Cazzato - Edited By: Nathan Kit Kennedy, George Chadwick, Henry Chadwick - "The Freak": Katelyn Laird - Bass/Vocals: Henry Chadwick - Guitar/Vocals: George Chadwick - Drums: Ajay Morrison - Extras: Michael Wiggins, Taylor Burkhardt, Allison Deane, Jeffery Leach, Kellen Leach, Francesco Cazzato, Amelia von Gerer, Luc Schultz, Nathan Mccormick, Lindsay Giebel, Sage Wilkinson.
    (Drums on recording played by Tyler Raynes)