Grand Central Terminal Activity Sheet

  • Grand Central Terminal Activity Sheet
    New York Transit Museum / 2013
    Client: New York Transit Museum
    Product: Tri-fold Print
    Service Provided: Design & Illustration
    The monumental New York City landmark, Grand Central has turned 100 years old this year! As a treat for children 9-12 years of age, the New York Transit Museum put together a sheet full of delightful activities that allow the child to explore every nook and cranny of the Terminal.
    This tabloid-size tri-fold print was used in the Transit Museum's summer camp, and will continue to be distributed to adventurous youngsters throughout the year.
  • front (outside)
  • back (inside)
  • sketchbook spread for Jules-Felix Coutan's sculpture, Transportation
  • details: 42nd St facade sculpture Transportation
  • details: clocks in Grand Central Terminal