Twisters Candy

  • Second place at the Paperboard Packaging Alliance competition.
    Designed by me, Maija Rozenfelde, Marina Brant and Jessica Vande Werken. The theme for 2013's project was to improve upon movie theatre candy packaging.

    The briefing required the package to contain two types of candy, fruit and chocolate. Our package was designed to contain both candies in separate sides of a single structure. They are separated by the twist, which allows the consumer to either eat them separate or mixed together once it's untwisted. The openings of the box prevents candy from spilling out. Also there is no need to pour candy out of the box by flipping it, which usually creates noise inside the theatre -- a simple tilt of the package allows the candy to come forward from whichever side. 

    Its ergonomic shape makes it easy for one person to hold and share the candy from both openings with a friend sitting next to him/her. Lastly, the counter display is also thought out to be built with a single sheet, and accommodates 12 packages.