Designing Voice Workbook

  • Designing Voice consists of a series of tools created to assist teachers in introducing the theme of immigration and diversity into their classrooms. A team of Pratt Institute Graduate students (Design Advocacy class) lead by Professor Gala Narezo collaborated with fellowship teachers from NYU-Center of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. 
    I focused on language as a way to explore this theme. The workbook allows identity exploration and reflection through the usage of multiple languages (English + Spanish, or English used at home + English used at school, or English + drawing). The workbook contains mini assignments, some of which are based on a short documentary (The Fifth Section by filmmaker Alex Rivera) and on a wordless picture-book (The Arrival by illustrator Shaun Tan).
    Team member Jon Dicus is the designer of the brand identity for this project. 

    To find out more about the rest of the tools visit this website:
  • Download the Workbook here