Grand Canyon Visitors Center

  • Grand Canyon Visitor Center
    CAP Studio (Group Project with Eric Engdahl and Monica Blasko)

  • The evolution of the Loop from its purest form to one that provides a narrative for the visitors to experience the Grand Canyon
  • Ariel Rendering
  • The entrance node, beginning of the Loop
  • The visitors are squeezed through small passages into the exhibition spaces
  • Exhibition spaces open up to courtyards
  • The upper level of the main auditorium provides a cafe and a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon
  • Below, seating is provided with cut polished stone where the space could be used as an auditorium with the canyon as a backdrop
  • above the structure, the glazing acts as parapets
  • Roof and Drainage Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • RCP showing the perforation patterns of the metal grating
  • Typical wall sections
  • Auditorium Section
  • Detailed Sections
  • Material Map