Business Incubator for DUMBO

  • Business Incubator for DUMBO
  • In the interest of working with change as a fundamental condition of architecture rather than something added into a fixed system after the fact, this studio explored locations of material change as models. These sites of change were crucial as having recognizable performance characteristics that were made evident in a series of intensity diagrams and further evolved into surface "machines".

    The machine here works to react and deform according to the site's sounds. The cacophony distorts the buildings fabric and thus results in a structure that is a physical manifestation of it's environment. The series of contorted surfaces create exciting new spatial conditions and allows opportunities for detailed examination.
  • Intensity Drawing: Mapping the spectrum of sounds at the site
  • The Machine: The buildings fabric is subjected to the sites forces according to a set of constraints
  • Force Diagrams: The acting forces produce three distinct qualities in the building's fabric
  • Study Model: Sectional qualities are analysed through a detailed model
  • Transverse Sections
  • First Level Floor Plan
  • Final Rendering
  • Animation showing the setup process