• NOBULL is a non-profit organization that aims to educate the public to create a better digital environment in order to address the danger and every growing devastating outcome of cyberbullying.  That includes stopping issues such as "stalking," “flaming,” “sexting,” and “bullycide.”
  • Target audience

    Most of the bully and victims of cyberbullying are often teens. While teenagers are not mature enough to know how to utilize the digital communication tools properly, more often than not they misuse the convenience of the tools. The cyberbully today may become the victim tomorrow. The result of bully in young age can affect one in the long tern. Most of the teen victims choose to fight back in the first place instead of talking to adults. Worst of all, victims from cyberbullying tend to have long lasting consequences often leading to devastating results, such as victims taking their lives.
  • Four common issues of cyberbullying: stalking, flamig, sexting, and bullycide.
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  • A booklet explaining the most encountered types of cyberbully, and tips to protect you from being the next victim.
  • On the back of the business card, it reveals our tagline: 
    "Stop cyberbullying;
    Think twice, click once."
  • While the business card is folded, it only shows the information of organization representative, and you can see more information of NOBULL by stretching out the business card.