Nasdaq Anti-Money Laundering Campaign

  • Nasdaq recently developed an anti-money laundering software, a revolutionary tool that banks now use to detect malicious activity in a fraction of the time (and much more accurately) than a human analyst would be able to.

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    The 'ripped' branding I developed speaks to the act of revealing what is beneath the surface, in this case financial crime. It captivates the viewer by evoking a clean, modern, technological-centered feel.
  • Not only did I produce a series of informative white-papers, but I also worked closely with the Market Technology sector of our business to conceptualize, design, and develop an interactive web page to entice people to sign up for a demo.
  • First, I worked in Adobe XD to create the assets and layout of the site. Then, I art directed a talented external developer to achieve the desired result on mobile, web, and tablet. 
  • The branded paid and organic social campaigns lead directly to the interactive webpage to create a unified, seamless experience.
  • Astounding stats capture the viewers' attention before getting into the heart of the product.
  • I designed in clear directives so the viewer knows what to do when they come upon the first interactive section. Note how the mouse also changes view, indicating an interactive/clickable component.
  • There is a 'contact us for a demo' button on the left side of the page at all times.
  • There are also sound effects, and the option to turn them off clearly located at the bottom of the page.
  • Click here to visit the interactive web page!