Ant Village in Winter / 3D Stereoscopic Video Project

  • Ant Village in Winter
    3D Stereoscopic Project Course
    School of Communications at Kwangwoon University
    Producer: David Eunseok O
    Plan: Kumho Chang
    Director: Sanghoon Lee
    Cinematographer/Narrator: Hyukjun Chung
    Editor: Kyuhun Han
    Scenario: Unjung Yoon
    Storyboard: Sukyung Hong
    Compositor: Sangbum Kim
    VFX Specialist: Soonil Choi
    Script: Hunbum Lee
    Interviewer: Taewoon Uhm
    All staffs participated in this project as a multi-tasker in all aspects of working process.
    This 3D film is shot by Sony PMW-TD300 and made by Final Cut Pro and After Effects.