Cancer Prevention . Awareness Campaign

    The Brief
    Ministry of Health is concerned about the lack of awareness that some cancer types can be prevented. They want to launch an awareness campaign to educate people about this possibility of prevention. They need to focus mainly on the top three types that are main cause of death worldwide; Cervical, lung and breast cancer.
    The Problem
    To show the organ or not to show, this is the question. How to visually convey a message about cervix disease without being offensive. The same about breast cancer, how to stand out from the cluttered media that people are used to see already.
    The solution/ The concept
    - The fight against cancer is not just about one’s health. more importantly, it is about one’s basic right to live, free from diseases that can take away everything. It is about freedom—the freedom to live healthy and fully.
    - The campaign concept is “TO LIVE FREE”. This is the hope that we want people to gain.
    - I used symbols of hope, beauty, transformation, change, new beginnings, and lightness to resemble the organs. This made from a very ugly disease a visual full of hope that people like to look at, comprehend and bond with.
    -  Cervical cancer: cervix = butterfly
    -  Lung cancer: lungs = wings
    -  Breast cancer: breast = dandelions