"A Collection" Poster and Exhibit Booklet

  • This design problem required the creation of a foldout/poster for a collection of anything that I possessed, preferably personal, for a potential exhibit. I am not a collector of anything, I don’t like the clutter, and so I thought about what I could potentially collect to give an audience a better idea of me as a person. I landed on a chronologically arranged collection of liquids that I drink over the course of two weeks. It is a log of the natural and manmade fluids that I ingest on a regular basis and is as much a graphic design solution as it is a short-term anthropological study of a single man.
    Before drinking any fluid, I collected a little of the drink into a vial, tagged it on the bottom, and logged the drink and date on my phone. I avoided repeating anything in the collection and at the end of two weeks I had a decently sized collection of colorful columns. I shot each individual vial inside of a light box and polished the image in Photoshop. The final setting of images and type was completed within InDesign.
  • Front of poster / Inside when folded
  • Detail view of vials
  • Rear of poster / Outside when folded
  • Closeup of rear image. The rear image was made by placing the vials side by side and backlighting them. The photo was then taken extremely out of focus in order to make them appear more abstract.