Be under the Blue Spell: SeaSun Society

  • Be under the Blue Spell with me.

    It was great working with @seasunsociety, an Asian Beauty Brand!
    Introducing- Blue Spell, a blend of 100% plant derived oils to hydrate, repair and soothe the skin.

    Key Ingredients:
    ✨Blue Chamomile- Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial
    ✨Rosehip Oil- Vitamin A derivative, anti inflammatory, increases cellular turn over
    ✨Baobab Oil- Vitamins A, D, E & F helps with repairing the skin and dense with antioxidants
    ✨Argan Oil- Antioxidant, hydrating

    😊First Pic- Inspired by the excellence in China’s Blue & White Porcelain. I wanted both pieces to boost confidence within your own skin and believe that skincare can be made simple while delivering quality results!