Trash Scene

  • This is a personal project, a website that started with the intention of making a record of nights out in Bogota in the underground scene, capturing spontaneous moments of people that would tell a story. I had the opportunity to participate in festivals, concerts, events and more. Some of the artists who were photographed are Hercules & Love Affair, Crystal Castles, Miami Horror, VHS or BETA, Midnight Juggernauts, Little Dragon, Copacabana Club and Datarock; from rockers to bloggers like Face Hunter. Furthermore, I worked as the official photographer for Adidas Originals, both for Adidas House Party and also Street Party. I also worked for magazines such as Neon as official photographer. Photographers such as Cobrasnake gave me all the approval that would make me known around the world OR abroad. This project lasted three years (2008-2011), which were important because it was in that moment where the indie scene was born in Bogota and Colombia.