• La Temporalidad en el Insomnio
    Humans face a fast-moving world and in the process of adaptation, stress and other problems arise that lead us to have poor sleeping habits. The average person should sleep about seven hours, but what happens when this is not fulfilled? The main cause that generates this problem is insomnia, a sleep disorder suffered by people worldwide. The night becomes the stage where sleep is interrupted by a set of associations and activities that are meaningless. This break in time causes a series of events that change the experience of the insomniac.
    The temporality insomnia is a project born from the experiences of individuals who suffer from this disorder. The objective of this project is to bring together the experiences of sleepless people who have or have not suffered from the disorder. It is a way for sufferers to identify themselves by sharing their experiences. As well as rescuing the experiences, the knowledge and teachings also leave us unique experiences that make us reflect on the actions of human beings and their development in society.
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  • Thesis Exhibition at Volarán [Universidad de los Andes]
    "Volarán is the sample of projects from the Department of Design. The pieces present the proposals made in the second half of 2013. With this exhibition we want to share with you the ideas, visions and dreams of future graduates of Industrial Design and the emphasis of Product and Communication Design program again."