Although not a rule, most of the stories in which this type of science fiction is explored
    take place in the Victorian era, the British period of the government of Queen Victoria (1837-1901),
    when steam was the main means of production.

    Thanks to him, there were technological advances and incredible creations for the time,
    such as steam robots, turbocharged endeavors, as well as “crazy” scientists and so on.
    But I've also seen Steampunk in Old West movies, inmedieval times and in horror
    stories and fairy tales. (ROCCO, 2015)


    Steampunk elements like locomotives, metal, steam, crazy inventions and mechanisms
    along with elements of pop culture, used in a fun, young and peculiar way.
    FIXGU is no longer a little prince, now he is a little creative
    & dreamy Victorian inventor!
    Kid photo: Pauline Franque

    "The evil that exists in the world almost always stems from ignorance, and goodwill,
    if not cleared up, can cause as much damage as evil."