Orquestra Imaginária

  • Orquestra

    "Porque as pessoas querem ir além do que o cotidiano entrega para elas. 
    Querem abstrair e buscar emoções que as façam refletir, sonhar, querer
    algo melhor para elas no mundo."

    A Orquestra Imaginária é uma orquestra experimental formada por alunos e professores de música do conservatório de Visconde de Rio Branco - MG, que foge dos parâmetros de uma orquestra tradicional. Um laboratório criativo onde pessoas estão produzindo arte com o melhor delas mesmas e acreditando na capacidade uns dos outros. Ela apresenta entretenimento artístico musical e audiovisual, espetáculos musicais de alta qualidade técnica e sensibilidade fazendo uso de várias vertentes sonoras, convergindo para criar uma experiência que toque as pessoas.

    "Because people want to go beyond what the everyday delivers to them.
    They want to abstract and seek emotions that make them reflect, dream, want
    something better for them in the world. "

    The Imaginary Orchestra is an experimental orchestra formed by students and music teachers at the conservatory of Visconde de Rio Branco - MG, which escapes the parameters of a traditional orchestra. A creative laboratory where people are producing art with the best of themselves and believing in each other's abilities. It presents musical and audiovisual artistic entertainment, musical shows of high technical quality and sensitivity making use of various sound sources, converging to create an experience that touches people.

  • Typography
    The typography was supposed to tell a story, so it was designed to show mystical, magical and historical elements. The connections between the letters "a" and "g" and "a" and "r" refer to the soft touch of the bow on the violin strings.

    Imagination is a mental capacity that allows the representation of objects according to those qualities that are given to the mind through the senses - according to the Sartrian's conception presented in his work “The imaginary: phenomenological psychology of the imagination”In philosophy, such qualities are called secondary qualities when the erection of the subconscious is pronounced to that of consciousness.

  • Pack Symbols
    Optou-se por símbolos que são variações da tipografia, mais simples e mais diretos, mas também pode-se utilizar do símbolo mais conceitual "?". Não há limite para a imaginação e a variação de símbolos deveria mostrar esse desapego.

    We chose symbols that are variations of the typography, simpler and more direct, but we can also use the more conceptual symbol "?". There is no limit to the imagination and variation of common symbols to show this detachment.

    The Symbol
    Roschach Test
    The Rorschach test (popularly known as the "ink blot test") is a pictorial psychological assessment technique, commonly called the projective test, or more recently, the self-expression method. It was developed by the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach. The test consists of giving answers about what the ten boards with symmetrical paint stains look like. From the answers, an attempt is made to obtain a broad picture of the individual's psychological dynamics.

    The Imaginary Orchestra, like all art forms, intends to bring a unique sensory experience to the public, visual, intellectual, interpretive and abstract like the imagination. Taking this into account, the symbol was inspired by the idea of ​​imaginative interpretation that the Rorschach Test proposes. As with any art form, each individual will understand blurs in a different way, as well as understand the orchestra's experience.
    The Symbol in addition to being the writing of "O" and "I" can also be read as a question mark "?", That is, it can be anything you can imagine.
    1. Full Symbol
    2. Simplify Symbol