Benthic Zone: Commercial Diving Equipment

  • A single boot weighs 20 lbs (above the waters surface). Injection molded rubber impregnated with lead, and caped with a brass toe, give them their sturdy mass.
  • The boot is comprised of four molded parts: the toe, arch piece, shin guard and backing, bolted together and lined with thick neoprene (brass screws). The boot fits over airtight dive shoes, opening in the back. The articulating pieces allow for easy movement of the foot while still providing strength against unyielding currents. Rear reflectors act as another means of increasing a divers presence when working in contaminated water where visibility is low. The hook on the front of the shin guard allows the diver to keep their air supply cord reachable and accounted for. The cord is a life line not only supplying essential air, but acting as a guide in clouded waters. The boots come in a variety of vibrant colors to be seen in the murky conditions in which HAZMAT divers work.