• The everchanging logo makes a point towards how art should be: experimental, untraditional, brave and exploring.
  • Responsive design foundations will make your Artissima adapt to any device.
  • The website opens with a exploring screen we like to call "the gallery mode". Every 5 seconds a random piece from a curated artist will appear on the screen. The idea is to simulate the sensation of walking in a gallery, discovering, being exposed to the unkown. Needless to say, everytime you access the website, a different Artissima logo will appear.
  • In the section "activity", illustrated above, the user will be able to see everything that his connected community have done since his last log in at Artissima.
  • Personalize your search using many different filters and ways of displaying your results.
  • Artissima set of stationary system. Clean, elegant and typographic-oriented.
  • Artissima business cards displays the best work from our curated artists. This is as a new and inventive media to promote and reward them for being part of the Artissima community. Like our homepage and our logo, it's completely randomic.
  • Massima Art poster.