Lipton Sun Orb

  • Lipton Sun Orb
  • The Lipton Sun Orb is a sculpture designed and built by four Pratt students for a summer solstice event hosted by Lipton. The event, which was located just north of the South Street Seaport, under the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn bridge, celebrated the possibilities presented by long summer days. The purpose of the Sun Orb was to create an atmosphere of twenty-four hours of sunlight.
  • The Sun Orb was designed and constructed by (from left to right) Caroline Matthews, Robin Oglesbee-Venghaus (me), Juan Sebastian Jacobo and Dakota Sica, with oversight provided by Eric O'Toole.
  • After some quick sketches, we developed three possible directions and pitched them to the Lipton team. They chose concept number two, which we then further refined with more specific drawings.
  • In four weeks we went from concept to fabrication and instalation.